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Advanced Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

Advanced Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

Advanced Data Recovery

Has your hard drive failed? Have you accidentally formatted your drive? Do you need emails, contacts, Word files, Excel files, company accounts or photos recovered?

We offer a complete advanced hard drive recovery service.

We recover data from:

  • Desktop Drives (Seagate Barracuda, Maxtor Diamondmax, Hitachi Deskstar, Western Digital Caviar, Caviar Blue, Caviar Green and Samsung Spinrite)
  • Laptop Drives (Hitachi Travelstar, Western Digital Scorpio, Seagate Momentus, Toshiba and Samsung Spinrite)
  • External Hard Drives (Lacie, Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital and Iomega)
  • USB key drives (Transcend, Kingston, Verbatim, Integral and Generic)
  • Netbook, MacBook Air / 1.8 ZIF and LIF drives (Toshiba)
  • Mac Data Recovery from iMacs, MacBooks and Time Capsules.
  • NAS and Server data recovery.

Initial hard drive diagnostics and most standard data recovery tasks can be performed on-site.

Data Recovery Station

Data Recovery Station

Data Recovery Tips

The loss of important data can be a stressful event for an individual and even more so for a business.

Prevention is better than cure but if you do suffer data loss bear in mind the following:

1) Do not panic. Botched or hurried attempts of data recovery can mean you make it more difficult for real data recovery experts to retrieve your data.

2) Do not under any circumstances open up a hard drive. Most hard drives are hermetically sealed units and should only ever be opened in a Class-100 (or higher) Clean Room.

3) If a drive is failing or has failed, keep it switched off. If the drive has damaged heads, repeated attempts to start and restart the drive will only incur more damage to the platters.

4) Try to avoid DIY data recovery programs. They often cause more harm than good.

5) Stop using the computer / drive on which you lost the data, as you risk permanently overwriting the data.

Backup Solutions

Advanced Data Recovery & Backup Solutions

The peace of mind of reliable backups.

Performing regular backups of your data is one of the most important I.T. tasks a computer user will ever perform. There is a myriad of incidents that can beset your system that can lead to data loss. These include accidental deletion, folder corruption, system theft, employee sabotage, power surges, virus damage and hard drive failure.

We install on-site and online backup systems that are simple, secure and automatic.

This includes:

  • Data automatically backed up an external drives.
  • Data automatically backed up to a central backup location e.g. Server or NAS.
  • Data backed up online to a secure ISO or SAS70 certified world-class data centre.

What makes a good backup solution?

1) Automatic

Most people start a backup routine with very good intentions. Then, after a while, they fall out of their routine. Herein, lies the danger. When your backup routine is not regular and your hard drive fails, you risk losing some or all of your data. To prevent this, we recommend that your backup takes place automatically without you having to intervene.

2) Easily Verifiable

So you have an automatic backup system in place. Are you safe? Probably not. You need to be able to easily check that data. You need to be able to check all your important files are present and up-to-date. We have come across numerous cases over the years of users who "thought" they had a complete backup, when in fact the backup was incomplete or weeks (or even months) out-of-date.

3) Comprehensive

A good backup system will be comprehensive. It will backup everything important to you. While most users store important data in "My Documents" folder, which most backup programs backup by default. Many users forget that there are other important data files (such as accounts data etc.) that can be outside this folder. A good backup system will backup everything important.

4) Offsite

Ideally, one of your backup sets should be offsite. Theft of portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and even external drives is on the increase every year in Ireland. Moreover, when your data is backed up off-site you reduce the risk of loss due to fire, flood, employee sabotage and power surges. Data can be backed-up to an ISO or SAS 70 certified data centre in Dublin or further afield.